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Lorien Finance

As soon as you get your acceptance letter to an American university, it opens up the world for you. You will soon study in one of the best educational systems and have access to unique opportunities that could launch your career. It is a dream come true for all of us, but it is also a life-changing experience that will make everything new and unknown. It is normal to be nervous about the trip, but you won’t feel that way forever. Here are a few suggestions on adjusting as an international student in the USA so you can get used to your new city and life as quickly as possible.


The US has been one of the top destinations for international students who have dreamt of studying abroad. Over the past few years, students from India and China have accounted for the maximum number of enrolled students. A recent SEVP report has revealed that a total of 47% of the total international student population in the US comprises Indian and Chinese students. While the international student numbers took a significant hit due to the pandemic, China and India still lead in student enrollment numbers in the US. The excellent news per the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is that the number of Indian students studying in the US increased by over 12% in 2021, while those from China dropped by 8%. Approximately 92% of active US visa holders applied for associate, Bachelor’s, Master's, or Doctorate programs in the US. The number of higher degrees pursued by international students increased by 1,142,352 against 1,121,981 in 2020. A top institution like Lorien Finance could be where Indian students could get higher education loans from the US at the lowest interest rates. Not only this, but you get many added benefits like complimentary USA Bank A/C, debit card, and worldwide free calling with an international SIM card.

The SEVP( Student and Exchange Visitor Programme)  study data also highlighted that over 1.25 million active records in SEVIS have been reported for F-1 and M-1 students during the 2020 calendar year. In the US, the F-1 visa is offered to those international students enrolled in an academic program or an English Language program at one of the US universities; meanwhile, the M-1 visa is offered to those overseas students who are enrolled in a vocational or technical institute.

So, if you are one of the aspiring students applying for the top US universities, we have a few tips that would come in handy while studying in a foreign land. The guide is to help boost your confidence and win over people's hearts to achieve your goals amicably. 

Positive Attitude: First of all, take some time for self-talk and remind yourself of your purpose of being in the US to study. Remember all the hard work you have put into getting here. Filling out school paperwork, completing your visa requirements, and figuring out travel logistics took a lot of effort and determination. Be proud of yourself for making it happen. You got through the application process, and you can do this too.

Non-academic Activities: If you feel sad, sign up for some non-academic activities that look fun or go to the gym. Try new foods, learn new expressions, and explore the neighborhoods and attractions near your university. If you focus on what is in front of you, you will have less time to focus on your feelings of homesickness and isolation. 

Friendly Approach: Your friendly attitude will soon attract good friends who can go grocery shopping with you, cook with you, laugh with you and cry with you. American friends will answer your questions, help you get through social situations in real time, and explain things that might be unfamiliar to you. Do not be afraid to take the first step and reach out to a classmate or someone in your dorm.

Cultural Acceptance: Be open to cultural learning and acceptance. Don’t think of the new culture as good or bad. All the aspects of your new environment are part of its broader social system and contribute to its uniqueness. To adjust to the new environment, observe things and be prepared to learn both inside and outside your classroom. Interact with people and discover as much as you can. 

Socializing: Socialising is a vital part of your experience. Socialising continues throughout an individual’s lifetime, and your experience in studying abroad will challenge you to develop your “people skills” even further. Keep in mind that your visit to the US may not last forever, so go out and socialize with others to get a whole American experience. Make sure you open up to new experiences.

Orientation Sessions and Full-Time Therapists: Most universities conduct orientation sessions for new students to help them adjust to new surroundings. International students can always seek help from the admissions office or the International student office at the universities. Many universities have full-time therapists who have been trained to work with international students to find a solution to the challenges these students might face.

Healthy Habits: Take care of your physical health by following a good diet and working out in gyms or parks. Being physically fit helps in reducing stress levels. 

Financial Management: Studying in the US is very expensive. Managing personal finances can be a big challenge faced by fresh international students. Budgeting can be of great help. Keep a record of the expenses for the first few months to understand the expenditure cycle. You can look for a part-time job also to get some extra cash. Also, you should choose the course very judiciously. The course you will invest your time and money in should derive value from the education you are getting. 

Ethics and Values

Finally, while studying in an American university, fundamental values like honesty, trust, respect, and a sense of responsibility are important to maintain academic integrity. Plagiarism, cheating, providing false information, lying, forgery, etc., are unacceptable in the American lifestyle.

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