Why study in the U.S.A.?

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Lorien Finance

For most Indian students, the seeds of studying abroad are planted right from childhood. Be it that one NRI cousin who is the object of every parent’s awe, or the glorification and overexposure of western universities in the media, every kid wants a slice of that western college life. The dream of making it big and charting a stellar career often begins with the aim of enrolling in a prestigious university abroad. And while it’s true that these recognized universities are present all around the world, there’s a certain allure about the big American dream that puts the U.S. front and center for Indian candidates who want to pursue higher education abroad. So, why do so many students prefer studying in America? And more importantly, why should you pursue higher education in the U.S.? We have broken down the answer for you.

1. Flexible Choices

There are several reasons why American colleges are considered top-tier for international students. But if we had to pick one, it would be the fact that one is free to choose different courses before declaring their major. This sets the U.S. apart from colleges in other countries, which insist students pick their major right when applying for college. Sometimes, colleges ask students to declare their major right when applying for the course. Not only does this restrict your freedom to switch your field of study later, but it also keeps you from exploring different subjects before you’ve made up your mind about which field you want to delve deeper into. It is in this regard that colleges in the U.S. give their students an advantage, by providing them a chance to explore their interests, before making a major decision.

2. Melting Pot of Cultures

America is known as the melting pot of different cultures and that’s evident from their college classrooms. Every university, be it Ivy League or not, prides itself on having a solid diversity base regarding enrollment and admissions. This is not only an excellent chance for you to blend in with your unique heritage but also an opportunity to mingle with other cultures and gain a global perspective. If you get admission to a college there, chances are you’d meet many different students from different races and backgrounds. This allows you to nurture your openness to other beliefs and languages.

3. Opening doors to new careers

A master’s degree from a reputed American university automatically opens doors to a lot of career opportunities. The holistic academic experience in the U.S. gives you an insight into different fields, thus broadening the scope of your career. In addition to this, American colleges also offer the highest salary around the world. Even when you apply for an education loan from Lorien to study in the U.S., the credit decision is based on this future employability, so you can pay back all the dues within the first 2-3 years of working. Even if your goal is not to settle in America, coming back home with a Master’s degree from the U.S. automatically makes you a desirable candidate for many global companies back home.

4. Networking

Getting an MBA from a reputed college in the U.S. not only opens doors to great learning but also allows you to connect with future marketers, entrepreneurs, and tech wizards, who all might be sitting next to you in your classroom. Networking with classmates will give you a lifelong advantage in whichever field you choose. In conclusion, getting an MBA from the U.S. has a lot of benefits, but if finance is coming your way from getting into your preferred college, don’t let it be a roadblock. Get in touch with us at Lorien, where we connect US capital markets with Indian students by providing them with low-cost financial services.

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