Rising Threat of Global Admissions Fraud: Addressing Growing Concerns and Possible Resolutions

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

International admissions fraud refers to the act of submitting false or fraudulent information in an attempt to gain admission to a college or university in another country. This can include falsifying transcripts, test scores, financial information, and other admission materials. This type of fraud can have serious consequences, including the possibility of being banned from the university or being deported from the country. It is illegal and unethical and can damage the reputation of the individual and the institution.

Overview of the International Admissions Journey

The international admissions journey for a student follows a series of procedures. The most important of all is the submission of applications to colleges or universities. Every student is supposed to submit their transcripts, test scores, essays, LOR, and other required documents along with their application. Students commit fraud when try to manipulate these documents for their benefit. And amongst the submittals, the most plagiarized documents are student-written essays and LOR. One area in particular that is universally regarded as "crossing the line" is the essay writing services run by "black market admissions consultants".

Black Market Admissions Consultants

These are consultants who help students to get their applications across the line. Let’s take the example of student-written essays. A third person can help a student write an essay where they can proofread, edit, and comment on the ideas and tone. But what often happens is that applicants hire consultants to coach them through their application from start to finish and having a third party write your essays and recommendation letter is “fraud”.

Psychology of Students Engaged in Admissions Fraud

According to a blog published in Kira Talent, there are four basic aspects that lead students to commit fraud:

Ø  Pressure

Ø  Culture

Ø  Generation

Ø  Sociology


This comes to us as no surprise as we all know that we live in a physical world of pressure. In most cases, this pressure for students is to get into a reputed university or college for higher education. Now consider some of these universities offer potential rewards or scholarships to students in their study programs, the desire 


As we know, international applications to universities and colleges have differences in cultural values and application fraud. These are deep-rooted differences in institutional practices, modes of assessment, and the ideology of plagiarism. 


In today’s world, technology has made free access to information easier than ever. This freedom is enjoyed thoroughly by everyone in the world. But this generation of students growing up in a world of undeniable access to information is prone to “copy and paste” any piece of information, especially when it comes to essay writing for application submissions. 


The younger generation of students often does fraud primarily due to their moral development. In most cases, these undergraduate students are driven by personal gain and self-interest. But the graduate students who have better moral development are often regulated by the behavior of their peers. If an applicant cheats, they are more likely to do so as well. 

Importance to set up an “Admissions Integrity and Plagiarism” page on the college or university website.

Admissions integrity refers to the ethical standards and practices that ensure the validity, fairness, and transparency of the admission process. This includes making sure that the application process is free of cheating, fraud, or any other unethical behavior.

Having an "Admissions Integrity and Plagiarism" page on the college or university website is important for several reasons:

  • Transparency: It helps to ensure that the admission process is transparent and that applicants are aware of the expectations and consequences of unethical behavior.

  • Education: It provides a platform to educate applicants on the importance of academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism in their admission materials.

  • Deterrent: A clear policy on admissions integrity and plagiarism can serve as a deterrent to applicants who might be tempted to engage in unethical behavior.

  • Fairness: By establishing clear expectations and consequences for plagiarism, the admissions process is fairer for all applicants.

  • Institutional Reputation: Maintaining high standards for admissions integrity protects the reputation of the institution and demonstrates its commitment to academic excellence.

Interactive video sessions and online written tests.

Interactive video sessions and online written tests can be effective tools for gauging student potential. These methods allow for real-time assessments of student abilities and can provide a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they can be more accessible and convenient for students and educators, as they do not require a physical presence in a classroom setting. However, it is important to ensure that the tests and assessments used are valid, reliable, and unbiased.


To conclude, International Admissions Fraud is a growing challenge in the education sector, with the rise of globalization and technology making it easier for fraudsters to carry out fraudulent activities. To tackle this issue, institutions must implement robust verification procedures and make use of technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Additionally, institutions can collaborate with other organizations to share information and resources to increase the efficiency of anti-fraud efforts. Additionally, raising awareness and educating students and staff on the dangers of admissions fraud can play a crucial role in reducing its occurrence.

Students also carry more ethical practices for admission processes and take special note of the repercussions that these fraudulent activities could lead to, if caught.

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