Practical Survival Tips for USA Study Abroad Students

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Managing studies and life in a foreign land could be cumbersome. It's not like some Dharma movie where you get to move around in a Lamborghini and do free lodging in your brother’s house with the love of your life. It's more about saving money by skipping lunch or catching freebies at university seminars or doing facetime/skype with your teary-eyed mum while doing your dishes or learning how to self-cook!

Your study abroad journey could get easier if you are a little bit prepared and motivated enough before applying. Just ask the following realistic questions in your head before taking that big altering step in your life! 

You need to begin with the basic questions as to why you want to do the Master's in the first place and will it help grow your career or is it a career switch and if you have a family to move across the country. 

You also need to understand the US Admission process which is a holistic experience since they consider all factors when they are looking at your application. Then next comprehending the exams is also the key to success. For instance: GRE-(Masters/Ph.D.), GMAT- (MBA), and TOEFL/IELTS is an English Tests and GRE subject test is for specialized masters/Ph.D. 

Hopefully, you got your list of dream universities ready and the programs most suited to your career or graduate program. Also, the location matters whether it's cold or hot, and the ranking of the university. It’s imperative to take the final call over whether you want to go for a good university or a good program. And if you get both it’s a perfect combination!

The Statement of Purpose or Letter of Recommendation forms a major portion of your application. Make sure you approach the professor on time and convince them about the skills and experience you have on time. 

Then fill out the applications early on to get hands-on with more options and variety out there. Some universities accept applications sooner compared to others. Having ample time on your hands also allows you to apply for the relevant scholarships to ease the application process further for you!

There are lakhs of Indian students aspiring to go study abroad to build a better career and get out of the strict house rules or deadlines set by age-old Indian parents! But to get there you do need to pan out the financial path. Prime institutes in India like Lorien Finance give talented students requisite financial aid and many more complimentary offers to simplify the process.

Well, things seem like roses on the bed until you get there, where there is no Mumma to take care of your food or household to take your luggage up the third floor or Daddy to manage your finances. So, here are a few realistic tips to read before you start living your dream:

Always carry your student card to get discounts at stores, pubs, clubs, and transportation.

Keep public transport maps handy and around you in the house. Download transit maps on your phone to save time, energy, and cost on day to day basis.

Make sure you join the clubs and societies in your universities. They organize trips to touristy spots and museums that are a cheaper and more fun way to travel and explore. 

Have your days of laundry, and grocery sorted. It's more about self-learning than classroom learning when you are living on your own.

When you get over the unending supplies of Maggie, mathris, puris, etc given by your Mum with love. You would know that you need to learn to cook. It’s the best thing you can do to save money and keep illness at bay while keeping your tummy full.

Stock up on potatoes, and onions and locate an Indian store to help you keep up with the Indian spices and taste.

Finally, do carry some of the pictures or things that are close to your heart or that help you keep the fond memories of your loved ones. The cold weather could get depressing and sometimes you would just need to snug up in bed and look at good old things to remember your family and friends back home! Wishing you the best for your future and more such tips follow us at Lorien Finance.

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